Dr. Arumugam Kannan is the President of Tamil Poem Writers Association, Malaysia. He has significantly contributed for Tamil Languages Growth and therefore he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate under Advan-kt banner.

Pandit Dr. Alahar Vijay is a qualified engineer (BE). He has completed a Diploma in Astrology at MKU, Madurai and post graduate Diploma in Temple Arts (PGDTA) in Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu - India. He has vast experience in Astrology, Numerology and Vaasthu Shastra; as he wrote 30 books in various languages. He has analysed the name science deeply and thereby he hypothesised the Pronology, which is a milestone in the naming historical analysis. We accepted his book: the PRONOLOGY (THE DYNAMIC NAME SCIENCE) and award him the Doctor of Philosophy (Prior Publications) by Advan-kt Consortium Universities.

Dr. Sri Radha Sharon O'Neill BCL is the Managing Director of Golden Glow Yoga College and it was founded in 2010. It is a registered institution with Yoga Alliance International Training Centre. Swami Vidyanand has acknowledged Sri Radha as Grand Master in Yoga Therapy in 2014 in addition to her 200hr and 500hr teacher training experiences. After under went a serious prima facie procedure, she was awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Yoga (Yoga Therapy) by Advan-kt Consortium Universities.

Dr. Loganathan Rajagopal is an engineering graduate from University of Wales - UK and he has vast experience in Skill trainings. Currently he is the CEO of Bayu College and after underwent a rigorous evaluation, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in education pertaining to technical skill trainings. Later he wrote a thesis over two years to complete his traditional PhD by Thesis in Electrical Solar Enigneering.

Prof. Nachimani Charde has published 50 original research papers and seventeen of them are exclusively published in ISI-WoS (Q1-Q4). Eight more in Scopus and the rest in Google Scholar. He wrote the 'Hinduism is a way of life' monograph and later it was compiled as book and also has accepted for a Doctor of Philosophy by Prior Publications.

Dr. Dharmjit Singh Bains is an Oxford Brookes University - UK and Asia Pacific International University, New Zealand graduate and also a lecturer by profession. He is the President of Malaysian Indian Talent Search Association and after seeing his knowledge in Vedic Sciences, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Hindu Vedic Knowledge by Advan-kt Consortium Universities.

Dr. Arvind Poobalan has graduated from University Technology Malaysia with Engineering Degree. He is also a registered member of Board of Engineers, Malaysia. Currently he is working as Senior Assistant Director for Penang State, Malaysia Social Welfare Dept. He was awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Hinduism for his knowledge and significant contribution to the society by Advan-kt Consortium Universities.

Dr. Yashoda E.Selzle is the Principal Founder of Yashoda Meditation Networks and she has served the Sivananda Yoga as faculty member for 22 years. She has significantly contributed for the promotion of Acient Yoga and her application for Honorary Doctorate underwent serious consideration for 2 months. Finally, the senate has accepted and therefore she was awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Yoga, which is recognized by UNESCO and WANGO USA.

Associate Professor Dr. Lee Woo Yong has formal education from Anglia Ruskin University UK and later he has completed a formal 3 years studies for Doctor of Philosophy in International Business and Management. He is the person-in-charge for the International Trading and Logistics program in Korea for Advan-kt.

Dr. Theventhira Desmond is the Principal/CEO of WITECH International College, Malaysia. He has vast experience in teaching and administration of territory education. He has completed a formal doctoral studies about 3 years and finally graduated with the Doctor of Philosophy from Advan-kt Consortium Universities .

Dr. Sneh Ganotra has started her career in yoga from Geeta Bhavan in 1993. She has founded the YOGATOPICS for Health Cure and Meditation, and soon after became a center in Mumbai. She has authored several books for Yoga in English as well as in Hindi. She was awarded with Prime Time Global Business and Leadership Award as the Best Emerging Fitness Center in Mumbai in 2015. She deserved to be highly regarded and Advan-kt has done the necessary steps to award her Honorary Doctorate.

Advan-kt, Mooc-Learners and One More Partner have helped to graduate 72 doctoral degree candidates for all this while. The recipients database is locked with password here while the PhD Viva Voce Examination sample is linked here. If you have confusion in doctoral awards, then read our FAQs section here please.