Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engi. (Solar Engi. and Entrepreneurship)

           This BSc(Hons) degree program is specially designed for the diploma holders (Diploma in Electrical / Electronics / Microelectronics / Computronics / Mechatronics / Bionics / Green Electronics / Nano Electronics / Electro-Mechanical / Telecommunication / Production / Mechanical Engineering) who may or may not have some industrial experience in solar-electrical system. The core subjects are taken from MIT opencourseware and TU Delft Edx modules and subsequently integrated into the ADVAN-KT degree program for MOOC learners. Total of 12 modules that need to be learned, as it has been equally spaced for the Solar Engineering (6 modules) and the Entrepreneurship Subjects (6 modules). As for the 6 modules of Entrepreneurship part: the learners are free to select their favorable Entrepreneurship subjects from opencourseware of any top 100 universities and produce their certificates for the exemption or any other equivalent certifications or in similar mean. As for the 6 modules of Solar Engineering part: the MIT Opencourseware (Solar Engineering) consumes 4 credit hours, the TU Delft Opencourseware (Solar System) consumes 4 credit hours, and the final project consumes 4 credit hours. Learners will have to work in a group to complete these modules in addition to the final project. Moreover, our academic will assist in the discussions through e-Class Room platform to provide complete guidance.

Once completed the programs, the learners (individual or group) should be able start a business by designing their own systems or appliances in this field.

Module 7&8: Fundamentals of Photovoltaics, MIT Lectures (1-2 Hours, 20 weeks, Online Learning)

Module 9&10: Solar Energy Technology, Delft University Lectures

Module 11&12: Solar Project

          An undergraduate project is must to complete this module. All the physical materials that used to develop solar systems/instruments/kits/applications must be self-funded by students. An e-report will be submitted for final grading with video presentation.

Have you completed these modules from TU DELFT? If yes, then send us immediately for credit transfer

e-Class Room Discussion