Bachelor/Master of Engineering (Hons) / Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics / Mechanical Design Technology / Automotive Technology / Marine Technology

           This BSc/BEng/MEng(Hons)/MSc degree program is specially designed for the diploma holders (Diploma in Electrical / Electronics / Microelectronics / Computronics / Mechatronics / Bionics / Green Electronics / Nano Electronics / Electro-Mechanical / Telecommunication / Mechanical / Civil / Materials / Other Engineering Subfield) who may or may not have some industrial experience. The core subjects are taken from MIT opencourseware and subsequently integrated into the ADVAN-KT degree program for MOOC learners. Total of 12 modules for Diploma, 24 for BSc/BEng(Hons), 30 for MEng (Hons) and 36 for MSc which has to be the modern and cutting edge knowledge in the field. Learners can choose from the list given below or from Top 100 Universities - World Ranking by THE.

Once completed the programs, the learners (individual or group) should be able to join for further studies or join industry as Engineers.

Advanced MOOC Courses in Electrical and Electronics Engi.

Modules can be chosen in coherence for the speciality as : 1) Digital Systems, 2) Electrical Power, 3) Electronics, 4) Robotics and Control Systems, 5) Signal Processing and 6) Telecommunication.

|| Satellite Engineering || Micro/Nano Processing Technology || Introduction to Robotics || Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems || Introduction to Convex Optimization || Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems || Signal Processing: Continuous and Discrete || Fundamentals of Photovoltaics || Analysis and Design of Digital Control Systems || Introduction to Electric Power Systems || Principles of Oceanographic Instrument Systems (Sensors and Measurements) || Mechatronics || Biomedical Devices Design Laboratory || Direct Solar/Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies || Electrical, Optical & Magnetic Materials and Devices || Circuits and Electronics || Computation Structures || Electromagnetic Energy: From Motors to Lasers || Introduction to Communication, Control, and Signal Processing || Introduction to Electronics, Signals, and Measurement || Microelectronic Devices and Circuits || Electromagnetics and Applications || Digital Communication Systems || Micro/Nano Processing Technology || Industrial Design Intelligence || Music and Technology: Sound Design || Continuum Electromechanics || Relational Machines || Computational Camera and Photography || Signals, Systems and Information for Media Technology || Integrating eSystems & Global Information Systems || Communicating in Cyberspace || Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging || Biomedical Signal and Image Processing || Communicating with Mobile Technology || Biological Engineering I and II || Cognitive Robotics || Ultrafast Optics || Semiconductor Optoelectronics: Theory and Design || Integrated Microelectronic Devices || Optical Signals, Devices, and Systems || Principles of Digital Communication || Quantum Optical Communication || Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits || Stochastic Processes, Detection, and Estimation || Data Communication Networks || Multivariable Control Systems || Dynamic Systems and Control || All the modules on Engineering from top 100 Universities - THE ||

Advanced MOOC Courses in Mechanical Engi.

MOOC Courses by Field (Mechanical/Marine) : || Introduction to Mechanics || Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures || Mechanics of Deformable Structures || Mastering Quantum Mechanics || A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations || Introduction to Coastal Disasters || Locomotion Engineering Hydrodynamics || || Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering || Mechanics of Material Systems || Solid Mechanics || Structural Engineering Design || Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures || Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment || Introduction to Atomistic Modeling Techniques || Exploring Sea, Space, & Earth: Fundamentals of Engineering Design || Toy Product Design || Systems, Modeling, and Control || Mechanics & Materials || Dynamics and Vibration || Design and Manufacturing || Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems || Design of Ocean Systems || Fluid Dynamics || Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers || Marine Hydrodynamics || Hydrofoils and Propellers || Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer || Marine Power and Propulsion || Principles of Naval Architecture || Mechatronics || Design of Medical Devices and Implants || Precision Machine Design || Control of Manufacturing Processes || Sailing Yacht Design || Mechanical Behavior of Materials || Fracture and Fatigue || Continuum Electromechanics || Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology || Theory of Solids || Introduction to Seismology || Structure of Earth Materialsy || All the Other Modules on Mechanical/Marine Engineering from top 100 Universities - THE ||

Advanced MOOC Courses in Automotive Technology

MOOC Courses by Field (Automotive) : || Electric and Conventional Vehicles || Hybrid Vehicles || Road Traffic Safety in Automotive Engineering || Model-Based Automotive Systems Engineering || Sensor Fusion and Non-linear Filtering for Automotive Systems || Multi-Object Tracking for Automotive Systems || Decision-Making for Autonomous Systems || All the Other Modules on Automotive Engineering from top 100 Universities - THE ||

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