International Doctoral Thesis Writing Competition for Yoga (2017) is an ideal program, particularly for the Yoga Master Trainers around the world to upgrade themselves as it is being conducted in a competition-based approach. Literally, this program helps the Master Yoga Trainers (Class A, B and C) to write and compile a doctoral thesis in short time, pertaining to their experience in yoga field.

I ) Organizers and Co-sponsors :

Advan-kt hosts the competition exclusively for one of the university from India.

* substituted for another university for betterment.

II ) Participant's Award : Best Yoga Thesis Award*

* best thesis writer will be congratulated with the 'Best Yoga thesis award' + 'PhD certificate' + 'USD 1000'. The following top 5 thesis writers will be conferred with 'PhD certificate' + 'USD 500', each. Other participants will also be conferred with 'PhD certificate' but the poor class thesis will be downgraded to M.Phil-class. Hard copies of the certificates will later (2018) be sent to all the participants addresses, accordingly.

III ) Organizer's Award : Certificate of Leadership for Hindu Gurukula**

**the organizing staffs (Advan-kt), thesis guiding supervisors (Advan-kt) and the honorary judges (VUI) will all be appreciated with 'Certificate of Leadership for Hindu Gurukula' and a set of VUI's yoga pack.

IV) Problem statement : the yoga trainers are scattered around the world without standardization (without protocol) and also without academic means in their practice. In recent years, Yoga has been polluted with false teaching, such as beer-yoga, sex-yoga and so on. Hence, VUI attempts to unite the genuine Yoga Master Trainers with an academic approach as it is a timely need to preserve and disseminate the yoga without distortion.

V) Objective : to generate and preserve the yoga related thesis/dissertations in academic context so the upcoming generation may benefit from true knowledge. Also to honor the genuine Master Yoga Trainers for their contribution in this world while reveal the false yoga teaching-methodology.

Procedures and the Competition Flow

1) Selection process : the Master Yoga Trainers (Class A or B or C), will be categorized by Advan-kt when participant applies through our online google form which is given below.

2) Registration* : once Advan-kt has accepted the Master Yoga Trainers, a registration number will be assigned and the candidate has to pay registration fee (USD 600) to VUI. The total fee of program 'Doctor of Philosophy (Yoga)' is USD 2000 but our sponsors and co-sponsors support us for the first year promotion. So it has been fully waived for.

3) Important dates : registration ends on 31st August 2017 so the competition starts immediately on September 1st 2017. The final thesis submission date has been fixed for 30th November 2017. All the awards will be announced by email to all the participant before the end of December 2017. A copy of it will be published in Advan-kt's web as well as VUI's web.

4) Duration : it may take about 2 months time for the participants to complete their thesis under the Advan-kt's guidance.

5) Title and thesis structure**:

5.1) the thesis title is very simple, such a way of having, (Specific name)-Yoga: practising way, hidden power and my experience.
5.2) it must be written in English as it consists of the following elements. Title Page, Acknowledgement, Abstract, Table of Contents, Chapter 1: Introduction (Particular-Yoga Principles), Chapter 2: Experimental (Yoga-Practicing Methods), Chapter 3: Result and Discussion (Outcome of the Practice), Chapter 4: Conclusion and Recommendation (Benefit and Future improvements), Reference. About 100 pages are expected in thesis, consisting of solid information about yoga, practice and outcome. APA/HARVARD format will be used without any adjustment.

6) Completion mode : the entire competition goes around the world without physical mean (or without physical participation) because of all the task will be done through e-learning mechanism (email communication). All the thesis writing guidance will be provided by advan-kt's staffs.

7) General criteria : No age limitation; no gender restriction and no ethnic/racial barrier. However, the candidate must be a Yoga Master Trainer.

**Person-in-charge for the registration number, payment, complaint, feedback and appeal : Prof. Nachimani Charde (

Application is accepted through (Opens until 31st August 2017)

ID Full Name Country Category
IDTWCfY001 Lisa Flynn     USA B
IDTWCfY002 Nirmal Sham Thilak     Malaysia C
IDTWCfY003 Shakta Kaur (Susan P. Kezios)     USA A
IDTWCfY004 Sri Radha Sharon O'Neill     Ireland (Transfered to HD Category)
IDTWCfY005 Deepika khanna     India C
IDTWCfY006 Vasiliki Nastou     Cyprus A
IDTWCfY007 Saif Adel Hasan Aal Saudi     India C
IDTWCfY008 Kalai Chelvi Muthu     Indonesia B
IDTWCfY009 Yashoda     Germany (Transfered to HD Category)
IDTWCfY010 Lisa Mei Ling     Thailand A
IDTWCfY011 Thomas Ross     UK A
IDTWCfY012 Anamika kothari     India Rejected
IDTWCfY013 Yogi Dinesh Chander     India A

The registration fee : USD 600 is directly payable to Advan-kt

= Paid            = Not Yet

Message from the Dean of Graduate School, VUI

Prof. Nachimani Charde has published 40 journal papers (17 papers in ISI-Listed; 17 + 8 papers in Scopus-Listed and the rest in Google Scholar). He has supervised many students for their doctoral studies and most of them have completed successfully. He will lead these participants to complete their thesis writing task through email guidance ( He invites all the Master Yoga Trainers to join him to complete thesis in 2 months time as he knows the techniques obviously. Browse his list of publications: here.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Woo Yong will assist Prof. Nachimani Charde to complete the participants thesis on time ( He is an Associate Professor of International Trading and Logistics for the Selinus University of Sciences and Literature.