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Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of ADVAN-KT, I welcome everyone for the better opportunity in our organization. At Advan-kt, we help people for their choice of academic needs, intellectually and practically. We practice equal opportunity and no bias in any mean. Click Here


Advan-kt is an online tuition-free educational hub, which is registered in India. Apart from promoting online education and handling related matters, we also offer consultation for academic innovation. As such, all the expenses are covered by donation as well as the consultation fees. Advan-kt has marketing agents in Malaysia (Advan-kt Seminar), Korea (Advan-kt Enterprise), and Pakistan (Institute Lahore Academy).

Donation Needed

Advan-kt seeks donation from educational institutions as to support the online promotional cost. This includes the cost of email promotion on mass open online courses and direct PhDs. We directly and also openly promote the top 100 universities MOOC for educational excellence, so kindly support us to travel extra miles.

Industrial Experts Needed

We recruit industrial experts for advance knowledge exchange. Write to us if you have very special industrial knowledge as to run programs under tuition free scheme (MOOC). We will appoint you as Assistant/Associate Professor regardless of your academic qualifications and also provide necessary online facilities immediately as we have 5 universities for. Note: academicians from unknown universities are not encouraged to apply for this position unless you have more than 10-ISI publications.

Research Supervisors

We have significant numbers PhD supervisors around the world, who are working on commission basis for supervising PhD students and most of them are holding professorial position from top Universities. We encourage new and talented young researchers to join us for outstanding research output from which, both, the student and principal researcher may gain world recognition through publications.


We often recruit examiners, on condition that the geographical need for PhD viva voce examination is arose. As for Hong Kong based PhD candidates, we do appoint professors and/or associate professors and/or Industrial-Experts from Hong Kong. Similarly, as for the India based PhD candidates, we do appoint professors and/or associate professors and/or Industrial-Experts from India. By doing so, the financial cost can be reduced significantly without changing the examination procedures. In special cases, we do have skype examination for PhD Viva Voce Examination.


We always welcome potential partners for collaboration and we anticipate groups to join us with similar interest in giving tuition-free education. Write to us for possible collaboration and beyond that.


ADVAN-KT provides free consultation for the existing industries who require Industrial-PhD to improve their work force. We provide consultation from beginning until the ending of entire system implementation. We do provide technical consultation for electrical, electronics and mechatronics engineering. An example is here: Servo based spot welder .

Fees Payment