Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering Science)

           This program is specially designed for the theoritical experts who have noticed scientific phenomena which requires theoritical explanation or something similar on. In another words: this programs is ideal for the people who wants to improve the existing literature to next level by producing significant contribution for.

All students must undergo the ELSEVIER's free online courses prior to commence their doctoral thesis writing ! Once completed, the students have to discuss with our academician through e-Class Room to understand it better.

Stage 1: ELSEVIER Publishing Campus

Stage 2: Proposal Defense

Stage 3: Doctoral Thesis Writing

Stage 4: PhD Viva Vice Exam

           Doctoral degrees are normally completed with Proposal Defense and PhD Viva Voce Examination. This is to determine the right track of international research as well as quality of research. Visit the PhD Viva Voce Examination section to observe how students defense their projects.

Industrial-PhD Viva Voce Exam of Batch 1 is here: Click here

e-Class Room Discussion