Industrial Doctorate program is specially designed for the working people to convert their monographs, publications, ideas or any other technical findings into academic thesis. In these accelerated, educational and industrial programs, mastering in the respective field are what expected from the learners as to fulfill their credit hours for awards. We are in the modern era for educational excellence as the ICT lays foundation for distance learning process and therefore the programs delivery becomes as easy as ever. With the usefulness of ICT, we bring out the best from adult-learners through their prior knowledge or experience and also from their present undertaking regardless of sectors. We bridge both the academia and the industry for knowledge exchange, of course, in the mean of academic degrees. Our academicians will also involve in the discussions through e-Class Room platform to provide detailed guidance.

(Field : Mechatronics Engineering, Mining Engineering, E & E Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Management, Bionics Engineering, Green Electronics, Engineering Sciences, Data Sciences, Computer Modern Applications, Computational Integrations, Technological Advancement, Social Sciences, Business Management, Media Studies, Morality Sciences, Economics and etc)

All students must undergo the ELSEVIER's free online courses prior to commence their doctoral thesis writing ! Once completed, the students have to discuss with our academician through e-Class Room to understand it better.

Stage 1: ELSEVIER Publishing Campus

Stage 2: Proposal Defense

Stage 3: Industrial-Doctoral Thesis Writing

Stage 4: PhD Viva Vice Exam

           Doctoral degrees are normally completed with Proposal Defense and PhD Viva Voce Examination.

e-Class Room Discussion