All About the Doctoral Studies at Advan-kt

           Doctoral studies are all about the research and innovation, pertaining to produce a document (Thesis/Dissertation) for academic context while prohibiting any form of plagiarism on it. It does not carry any merit from the additional words, like: Part-Time/Full-Time/Off-campus/Top-Up/Campus-PhD/Group PhDs and such. The 3 years 'full-time' duration will normally be given for fresh candidate, as to support the university's faculty duties (teaching lab experiments, marking papers, conducting invigilations and etc); to be ran accordingly. This concept is very common among universities, as to run the faculties easily and also smoothly. If the research program (M.Phil/PhD) comes with full financial package (Scholarship), having covered the research cost as well as the PhD candidates stipend, then 3 'full-time' years are ideal for. If the same research program (M.Phil/PhD) is self-funded, then the candidate may choose for part time mode, which can be finished over 6 years time. All these long years do not guarantee the PhD completion as a matter of fact, unless the candidate publishes his/her ideas at greater level, revealing in the ISI-listed Q1 or Q2 journal papers. A PhD thesis with 2 ISI publication guarantees minimum pass on PhD by Thesis mode but the publication ranking varies from one university to another. Sometimes a different scheme may have been established by private universities to suit themselves. So it can be said that: the annual count will take the doctoral candidate nowhere in real world. However, the duration is an added advantage for the PhD by Publication candidate as it can be completed within 6 months of time in most cases. Thus: the minimum required duration for the PhD by Publication is 6 months and the maximum goes up to 12 months because the publication prevails the achievement. Almost 80 UK universities have accepted the minimum duration for the PhD by Publication as 6 months. As for the medical and engineering fields, 3 ISI-listed publications are required for the thesis preparation. These numbers are still a debating factor among academics but 5 papers will stop from questioning further. Upon the budget, one can get PhD by Publication from ranked universities as the fees vary for brand but 5 ISI-listed publication remains the same. Another shocking point here is that the university names or rankings will not be included in the doctoral examination results but they are very useful in the journal publication process. For simplicity, the doctoral studies are categorized as follow:

To date, the research outcome carries tremendous significance in technological growth and therefore universities or industries are eager to push the researchers for greater output. This fact depends on the field of research which requires infrastructure (medical and engineering), so automatically the industries lead the academia in this case, unless universities own state of art laboratory for cutting edge research otherwise. For an instance: MIT owns Lincoln Laboratory , chartered to apply advanced technology to problems of national security in USA. So conceptually the traditional universities are different from the research universities and on the opposite end, the industries have catered very high-tech facilities for its innovative output. However this fact varies significantly for the social science, general education, legal studies and business education.

Advan-kt welcomes any experienced person for 'industrial-PhD' with minimum data. We don't have any placement for 'somebody-spoon-feeding-me' candidate no matter from which university he/she is applying for. It is compulsory for the 'PhD by Publication' applicant to have sufficient publications at the material time. As for the 'PhD by Thesis/Theses' applicant, the formal master/bachelor degree with good grades are required as we have several projects with partial scholarships. There is no minimum duration for any of the courses because we evaluate each and every candidate for advance standing status. We have no objection on duration as we have helped several candidates to complete within 3 months, without adjusting the qualities.

Advan-kt has formed the consortium of universities (Advan-kt Consortium Universities) from whom the successful candidates will be awarded the doctoral degrees. The fees vary up on the brand you need, for example: "I'm willing to pay USD 40k as fees for my research output, then you get UK university PhD, as the fee and brand are both, proportional ! ". Although we don't encourage such scheme, it takes time for people to understand the reality because they don't know it. So far, we have had 5 universities for doctoral studies but only 3 universities are very active in accepting PhD Viva Voce Examination results from Advan-kt now. For 2018, we have set USD 3650 as the complete-package fee to cover the followings: 1) Thesis Preparation, 2) Examiners Thesis Evaluation, 3) Conduct PhD Viva Voce Examination, 4) Register PhD with University and 5) Maintain Database for 20 Years in Online Medium. Please note that if any of the candidate has 5 ISI-listed publications for the PhD by Publication program, then we provide 50% scholarship for. If any of the thesis is very good in its nature, we give the candidate 30% fee discount. Eventually, the Advan-kt is hereby requesting to all the applicants to have some basic knowledge about doctoral qualification before decide what is right for themselves. A doctoral candidate is regarded from his/her publication and not from the university name in modern and competitive era.

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Great Researchers

Self researchers change the entire world. Sir Humphry Davy, Francis Hauksbee, Musschenbroek, Benjamin Franklin, Hendry Cavendish, Galvani, Alexsandro Volta, Micheal Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz, Swan, Edison, Marconi, Tesla, Boss, Schockly and others..... did not run behind universities names but developed their own lectures so one day universities use it. Advan-kt welcomes such mentality and ready to provide resources for their research.