Master of Art (Hinduism)

           Master of Art (Hindusim) is an academic research program in which the branches of hinduism are explored. There are numerous branches in Hinduism but students may choose any of the 6 modules. Learning modules are picked from online sources as to cover the syllabus for deep understanding. Four Vedas, Four sub vedas, Yoga Sastra, Six Fundamental Philosophies, Three Relativities, Doctrine of Reincarnation, Four Yugas and Three Characteristics of Mind, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bagavad Geetha, Law of Manusastra, Hundred Eight Upanishads, Scriptures of Shuruthi Vs Smirti, Jainism (Sub Religion of Hindusim), Harappa Civilization, Yoga (The Seven Chakras and Its Wonderfulness), Origin of Twelve Zodiacs and Time Frame, Mandalas in Hinduism, Martial Arts in Hinduism, Four Ithihash, Eighteen Puranas, Eighteen Upa Puranas, Three Agamas, Fourteen Dharmas, Six Vedanga, Philosophy of Jaimini, Theism in Hinduism, Sun Worshiping System and etc.

Module 1: Hinduism Through Its Scriptures

Module 2: Three faces of Vedanta

Module 3: Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge, and Consciousness

Module 4: Bagavad Geetha

Module 5: Vedic Yoga

Module 6: Upanishads

Module 7: Master Thesis

A 12-credit hours thesis is a must in order to complete this module. Learners may come up with special topics to distinguish oneself rather than chasing ordinary topics.

e-Class Room Discussion