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Editing Period : August 2019 - Jan 2020
Publishing and Promoting Period : Feb-March 2020 with ISBN identification.

Book Structure and Outline

Reiki profoundly changes your life.
Not only have I experienced the wonderful events brought on by the unconditional love of the universe in myself, but I have witnessed it in others too. No one will deny the humbling power of the universal energy that celebrates our connection to everything around us, however too often we impose crippling restrictions and limitations onto ourselves due to our fears; of failure, abandonment, pain or even success. Reiki can diminish and destroy these fears. It can highlight our connection and our love to ourselves, our planet and our universe.
(This e-book/hard cover book will be guided and edited by Prof. Nachimani Charde, which is expected to have 10 chapters pertaining to the reiki practises. It focuses on the experiences of learners rather than mere information.)
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