PhD by Prior Publication or Existing Published

           Doctor of Philosophy by Prior Publication or Existing Published is a doctoral level award and it is being awarded to the persons who have published books or articles in journal or article in magazines or in similar mean. Contents of the publications must be new knowledge contribution and contemporary. Scientific contents can be back dated up to 10 years and it is still acceptable for consideration. In Medical field, 3 ISI journal publications are required while in Engineering or Science field, 5 journal publications are primarily counted for. Any publication in conference is completely rejected unless it has ISI-series status. The contents must have coherence in its order for journal publication and as for the book publication, it is not so. The normal procedure is that the eligible candidates have to apply through our system, which is given here . The required documents are : i) list of publication, ii) a detailed-CV and iii) photograph. Three members of the panel will evaluate the application once it reaches us, finalize and recommend it to the senate of Universities. However the final decision lies in the hand of Universities' senate. Fee is a must in this mode after the successful acceptance by universities. Minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months may consume for the entire process or so. The PhD Viva Voce Exam is compulsory for this mode but skype presentation is acceptable for exceptional cases. The PhD by Prior Publications recipients database is linked here.

(Field : Engineering, Engineering Sciences, General Sciences, Social Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture, Arts, Computers, Information Technology, Management and etc)

PhD by Publication's Candidates


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Debora Wenger receives first PhD by Prior Publication from Kingston University


University of Chester’s first PhD by publication Candidate


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PhD by Journal Publication (ISI-Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)*

Thesis Format

Thesis Sample : || Thesis 1 || Thesis 2 || Thesis 3 || *Advan-kt accepts outstanding results without ISI citations || PhD Viva Voce Exam of Batch 1 is here: Click here||

PhD by Book Publication

Dr. Alahar Vijay's Prima Facie

Pandit Dr. Alahar Vijay is an qualified Engineer (BE). He has completed his Diploma in Astrology at MKU, Madurai and Post Graduate Diploma in Temple Arts (PGDTA) in Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu - India. He has vast experience in Astrology, Numerology and Vaasthu Shastra; as he wrote 30 books in various languages. He has analysed the name science deeply and thereby he found the PRONOLOGY, which is milestone in the Naming Historical analysis. We accepted his book: the PRONOLOGY (THE DYNAMIC NAME SCIENCE) and award him the Doctor of Philosophy by Prior Publications.

Dr. Nachimani Charde's Prima Facie

Prof. Nachimani Charde has Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics Engineering) from Northumbria University UK, and Master of Science (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from SPU-USA. He has a PhD by publication in Engineering. He has published 40 journal papers in Electrical Engineering (17 in ISI-listed, 8 more in Scopus and 15 in google scholar) and passed his PhD Viva Voce Exam with UK university. He wrote the 'Hinduism is a way of life' monograph and later it was compiled as book. This book was accepted for the Doctor of Philosophy by Prior Publications. Click here

PhD Viva Voce Examination - Samples

List of Universities that offers the PhD by Prior Publication or Existing Published

Unimap Malaysia

University of Gibraltar Spain

London School of Economics UK

Liverpool John Moores University UK

University of New York Prague

University of Malaya Malaysia

National Defence University of Malaysia

National University of Ireland

University of Manchester UK

City University of London UK

Victoria University Australia

RMIT University Australia

Monash University Australia

University of Tasmania Australia

Dublin City University Ireland

Wolverhampton University UK

University of New South Wales Australia
University of Reading UK

University of Exeter UK

University College London UK

University College Cork, Ireland

Royal Holloway University UK

University of Sunderland UK

Waikato University New Zealand

Queensland University of Technology Australia

Oxford Brookes University UK

James Cook University Australia

University of Sydney Australia

University of South Australia

Western Sydney University Australia

University of Arts London UK

University of New Castle Australia

Flinders University Australia

Bongor University UK