Reskilling the PhD Holders Through PDF

           Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) is a unique position which comes with huge salary in most cases. However, it is not available to all the PhD graduates and therefore their academic position varies from one to another. Advan-kt breaks this tradition as we have started self-funded post doctoral fellowships. In this program, any accredited-PhD* holder (with an academic bachelor and/or master degree) can join us without leaving their current job. We need two journal publications at ISI-Web of Science, Q1 or Q2 Ranked journals. Advan-kt sets a fee (USD 3100) for post doctoral fellowship award (PDF) from accredited universities in Asia but this fee has been increased to USD 6200 if the PDF candidate wants from an American Universities.

* Accredited-PhD by any country's govenrment through its higher education ministry / public service department / professional societies