Industrial/Academic-PhD/M.Phil (By thesis or publication)

           Presently, the ADVAN-KT franchised partners offer the exclusive and outstanding: 1) Industrial-PhD/M.Phil (By thesis or prior publication) and 2) Academic-PhD/M.Phil (By thesis or publication) programs. There are two routes to consider as the first one is designed for the industry to academic conversion* while the second one is designed for the academic to industry conversion**. In these two models: the awards are primarily determined by thesis and publication as well as the present and prior experiences. The master degrees modules are covered through the graduate mass open online courses (gMOOC)and completed by a thesis at the end. A total fee for the doctoral degree is USD 3650 (without scholarship) and for master degree is USD 3150 (without scholarship). However, the students may apply for advance standing category and also apply for Partial Dean's Scholarship (PDS), if eligible. Credit transferring students may have good opportunity for lower level of fees.

* In industry to academic mode : the learners will be guided to convert their monographs, industrial patents, innovations and modifications into academic documents, pertaining to academic publications or so. By doing so, the students will be exposed to academic context while continuing their services to the industry. This mode is almost similar to the 'PhD-by-publication' type but preparing the world class documentation is the primary concern for the doctoral/master degree completion. As for the thesis format, Click Here.

** In academic to industry mode : the learners will be guided to convert their publications into industrial use or extending their existing research for the real world practice. By doing so, the students will be exposed to industrial practices while enhancing their skills for 'world-changing' output. This mode is more or less focusing on the traditional route, emphasizing on doctoral/master thesis with 1 or 2 conference/journal publications. As for the thesis format, Click Here.

Bachelor, Associate Bachelor and Diploma Programs

           These academic degrees or diplomas can be obtained by learning the mass open online courses (MOOC) from the top 100 Universities worldwide, through their portals and subsequently produce the certificates of completions or relevant mark sheets for academic conversion. A bachelor degree requires 24 credit hours while an associate bachelor degree requires 18 credit hours. In similar mean, a diploma requires 12 credit hours in coherence. Credit transfer is also considered for special cases. A total fee for the bachelor degree is USD 2650 (without scholarship) , the associate bachelor degree is USD 2150 (without scholarship) and diploma is USD 1650 (without scholarship). However, the students may apply for advance standing category and also apply for Partial Dean's Scholarship (PDS), if eligible. Credit transferring students may have good opportunity for lower level of fees.

Procedures and Program Flow at Advan-kt for Fresh Candidates

1) Learners should apply for their choice of program’s level (undergraduate/graduate) to us (advan-kt) and we will suggest the appropriate modules for any specific degrees. We will ensure that the modules are in coherence, so that the MOOC can be used for the academic equivalence. We can issue an official ‘letter of offer’, once the learners pay the application fee. It varies from USD 50 to 150, upon the level of studies. As for advance students (who have already completed MOOC), please email ( your CV and certificates of completion for credit transfer.

2) We will arrange the MOOC modules into semesters, based on the commencement date and availability. We practice three semesters system as it begins from Winter, then move onto Spring and finally ended up in Fall for an academic year.

3) The entire program can be completed by using any of the web browsers in electronics device, as it requires web browsing capabilities. And it should be able to support the internet connectivity as well as the headphone facility to watch all the lecture classes in video format.

4) We will send a list of programs that need to be studied in the MOOCs categories. Learners must register with the providers (edX, Coursera, etc) and once joined, the learners must inform us immediately to count semesters. Payment for the certificates of MOOC can be paid to the concerned parties, directly through their payment system. Advan-kt strongly encourages learners to obtain individual certificates of MOOC to show the world that they have learned from top 100 universities.

5) Learners’ may download all the videos, lecture notes, and other relevant materials for their references. This attempt will reduce the lecture-notes-taking time while enhance the readability. Also check for other supporting materials through Google search engine and collect only the top 100 universities materials. Don’t collect excessive notes at any circumstance to tire your mind.

6) Learners must start reading all the lecture notes before watching the video lectures. Follow the MOOC providers guidance to complete the online assessments: including the assignments, quizs, tests and etc. All the studies will be assessed by a mixture of assignments and examinations, which is in fact, as similar as the traditional courses.

7) Learners may discuss with Advan-kt suggested tutors to understand very-difficult-modules and there will be a charge for the assistantship, directly payable to the tutors. Mostly, through electronics medium, such as email, skype, telephone conversation and/or via other technological communications. It can be said that the learners are supported by special tutors for better understanding through advan-kt recommendation.

8) Send us the examination results and also the MOOC certificates, so we can proceed further with necessary procedures to obtain academic equivalence. Once we get the equivalence, we will inform the learners about classification of degrees immediately and effectively.

9) Advan-kt will arrange an international convocation for our graduates and therefore our learners must notify us prior to convocation in 6 months notice.

10) Advan-kt will maintain the students’ records on behalf of its partners for the next 20 years in electronics database, so any employer can check their result with us for free.