Advan-kt Welcomes Funds for Private Researches

           We seek a range of private funding to enable individuals and groups to pursue world-class research and innovation for private gain. However, the outcome will be shared the open access journals. Currently we focus on research commercialization, research partnershipty, research citation and private research and innovation. Email us at for researchers availability.

Associate Professor Dr. Lee Woo Yong has completed his Doctor of Philosophy in International Business and Management under Advan-kt. He is the person-in-charge for the International Trading and Logistics program for Korean students. He leads the operation through his company in Korea while extent his research on andragogy and pedagogy on English Language Education.

Ahmad Farhat is an administrative expert and he is willing to create a new system or improve any existing administrative system. He has double PhDs and he seeks private funding to improve any existing administrative system including technical fields.

Raymond Mugyenyi is an ICT Officer at Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Kampala-Uganda. He is seeking fund for ICT research and willing to collaborate in any project if there is an opportunity available.