The Power of Self-Learning

           Self-learning is an art as it paves the way for everyone to gain wisdom in the field one concerns. Most genius are this sort of persons and such techniques can take anyone to great height, no doubt as history has its proves for! However, the students have to put their efforts to become a self-learned expert otherwise no point of giving the world class education. ADVAN-KT provides guidance for its students with contemporary and cutting edge new knowledge through the tuition-free schemes, for which the curriculum is freely provided by the top 100 universities* worldwide. We encourage all the research students to watch the following videos to understand the pride of self-learning processes. There are a lot more videos on youtube for watch. Visit this page for simple instruction.

*Time Higher Education

Student's Testimonial with Tuition-Free Education

Amol is from India and he took his first course from edX. After continued with edX for 4 years, finally he has graduated with degree in computer science from MIT. Later, he joined the facebook and lead his life with world class job. All these successes were possible to him because of the edX, the Mass Open Online Courses - Provider.

How To Learn Anything

The Revolution of Self-Directed Learning

The Future of Learning

Form Your Technological Company

          ADVAN-KT (Advancing the Knowledge Transfer) encourages the process of self learning and ready to guide for self starters. Send email to to liase with our coordinators.

Are you a graduate and willing to reskill yourself? Some learners have successfully joined MNC too, like AMOL BOBY joined the facebook. Advan-kt has summarized some specific jobs but they are not completely limited to. Sky is the limit for self learners so keep on thinking of starting up new technological companies or get improved and promoted with current jobs for next stage. Establish the expertise from MOOC.

Academia (Doctoral/Post-Doctoral/Other Positions)

§ Researcher*, Recommended MOOC : Research preparation, Writing for research, Publication process, Navigating peer review, Communicating your research
§ Proof Reader, Recommended MOOC : English Language, Illustration and Article Editor
§ Academic Writer, Recommended MOOC : Academic and Business Writing
§ Reviewer and Editor*, Recommended MOOC : Why get involved in peer review, Ethics responsibilities for peer reviewers, Recognizing peer reviewers: A webinar to celebrate editors and researchers, Transparency in peer review
§ Academic Position*, Recommended MOOC :
§ Many More, Click Here

*PhD by Thesis/Publication/Industry

Engineering (Engineer/Designer/Manager/Other Positions)

§ Analytical Engineer (Mining Engineering)*, Recommended MOOC : The Mining Process, Mining Geomechanics, Surface Mining, Underground Mining
§ Design Engineer (Solar Energy Engineering)*, Recommended MOOC : Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Conversion, Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, Photovoltaic (PV) Technologies, Integration of Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrids, and Capstone Project
§ Design Engineer (Power Electronics)*, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to Power Electronics, Converter Circuits, Converter Control, Advanced Converter Control Techniques, Magnetics for Power Electronic Converters, Capstone Design Project in Power Electronics
§ Design Engineer (Artificial Intelligence)*, Recommended MOOC : Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotics, Animation and CGI Motion
§ Design Engineer (Robotics)*, Recommended MOOC : Robotics: Fundamentals, Robotics: Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics: Dynamics and Control, Robotics: Locomotion Engineering
§ CAD/CAM Design Engineer*, Recommended MOOC : Intro to Digital Manufacturing with Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Fusion 360 Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D Model Creation with Autodesk Fusion 360, Engineering Design Process with Autodesk Fusion 360, Manufacturing Process with Autodesk Fusion 360
§ Process Engineer(Vacuum Systems and Technology)*, Recommended MOOC : Vacuum Systems and Technology
§ Automotive Design Engineer(Modern Systems)**, Recommended MOOC : Electric and Conventional Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles, Road Traffic Safety in Automotive Engineering, Model-Based Automotive Systems Engineering, Sensor Fusion and Non-linear Filtering for Automotive Systems, Multi-Object Tracking for Automotive Systems, Decision-Making for Autonomous Systems
§ Mobile Robot Designer*, Recommended MOOC : Robot Applications, Robot Locomotion, Robot Sensing, Robot Control
§ Manufacturing Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Manufacturing Process Control: Variation Modeling and Control, Introduction to Manufacturing Systems, Topics in Engineering Management, Supply Chains and Manufacturing Systems: Planning, Manufacturing Process Control: Process Modeling and Optimization, Manufacturing Systems Analysis, Supply Chains and Manufacturing Systems: Design, Practices in Engineering Management
§ Manager in Oil and Gas Industry*, Recommended MOOC : International Energy Scene and The Global Economic Environment, Petroleum Geosciences, Drilling Operations, Well Achitecture and Equipment, Discover the Petrochemical and Plastic Industries
§ Construction Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Construction Project Management, Construction Scheduling, Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control, Construction Finance
§ Many More, Click Here

*Any Engineering Degree (BSc/BEng/MEng)
**Automotive Cert/Diploma

Management (CEO/Manager/Corporate Leader/Other Positions)

§ Corporate Innovator*, Recommended MOOC : Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation, Idea Development: Create and Implement Innovative Ideas, Innovation: From Plan to Product, Creating and Sustaining an Innovation Culture, Corporate Innovation Capstone Assessment
§ Risk Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to Risk Management, Measuring Risk: Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and FX, Risk Management Tools and Practices, Stress Testing and Risk Regulation – Part 1, Stress Testing and Risk Regulation – Part 2, Risk Management Professional Certificate Examination
§ General Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Leading the Organization, Leading High-Performing Teams, Becoming an Effective Leader, Leading in a Complex Environment, Business Leadership Capstone Assessment
§ HR Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Preparing to Manage Human Resources, Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees, Managing Employee Performance, Managing Employee Compensation, Human Resources Management Capstone: HR for People Managers
§ Personal Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Business Communication, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Teamwork & Collaboration, Storytelling in the Workplace, Public Speaking, Visual Presentation
§ Marketing Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Marketing Measurement Strategy, Price and Promotion Analytics, Competitive Analysis and Market Segmentation, Products, Distribution and Sales
§ Market Researcher*, Recommended MOOC : Market Research Specialization
§ Project Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Project Management MicroMasters Capstone Exam, Best Practices for Project Management Success, Project Management Life Cycle
§ Supply Chain Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Supply Chain Comprehensive Exam (Virtual), Supply Chain Analytics, Supply Chain Fundamentals, Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Dynamics, Supply Chain Technology and Systems
§ Finance Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Financial Decision Making, Financial Accounting for Corporations, Financial Management in Organizations, Long-term Financial Management
§ Business Technologist*, Recommended MOOC : Business Technology Management Specialization
§ Sales Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Strategic Sales Management Specialization
§ Hotel/Shift/Tourism Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Hospitality and Tourism Technology and Innovation, Luxury Management
§ Sports and Recreation Manager*, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to the Industry, Leading and Managing People, Managing Organisational Risks, Planning and Providing Sessions
§ Many More, Click Here

*Any Bachelor Degree

Legal (Paralegal/Bona Fide/NGO/Other Positions)

§ Paralegal, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to Paralegal Studies, Introduction to Law for Paralegals, Introduction to Law for Paralegals, Legal Ethics and Responsibilities for Paralegals
§ Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ), Recommended MOOC : Employment Law and Employment discrimination law in the United State
§ Corporate Lawyer*, Recommended MOOC : Corporate Lawyers: Ethics, Regulation and Purpose + Qualified LLB
§ President for International NGO , Recommended MOOC : International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, International Law, International Investment Law, Human Rights for Open Societies
§ Counselor for Financial Institutions, Recommended MOOC : Political Economy of Institutions and Development, Economics of Money and Banking, Financial Markets
§ Business Developer, Recommended MOOC : Law for Non-Lawyers (Introduction to the Common Law system, Accessing and understanding online legal resources, Contract law, Criminal law, Torts law, Intellectual Property law, Your legal and social rights and responsibilities)
§ Private Investigator for Crime, Recommended MOOC : Evolutionary Theory, Families and crime, “Status” homicides, War in its natural context
§ Academia, Recommended MOOC : All Law Modules
§ Many More, Click Here

*LLB (Qualifying Degree)

Economy (Business Analyst/Financial Analyst/Journalism/Counselling/Other Positions)

§ Brokers (Finance/Share/Insurance)*, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to Brokerage Operations, The Marketplace, Trade Process, Clearing Corporations and Settlement, Introduction to Custody Servicing, Margins, and Accounting Records, Brokerage Operations Professional Certificate Examination
§ Business Analyst*, Recommended MOOC : Analytics in Python, Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Demand and Supply Analytics
§ Financial Analyst*, Recommended MOOC : Financial Decision Making, Financial Accounting for Corporations, Financial Management in Organizations, Long-term Financial Management
§ Financial Advisor*, Recommended MOOC : Understanding Modern Finance Specialization
§ Social Activist , Recommended MOOC : Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work, Social Work Practice in Community Organization, Management and Policy/Evaluation, Social Work: Research, Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change, Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Small Groups, Social Welfare Policy and Services
§ Human Rights Activist , Recommended MOOC : Human Rights Theory and Philosophy, Human Rights and Development, Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change
§ Analytical Psychologist, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to Psychology, Psychological First Aid, Positive Psychology, Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies, De-Mystifying Mindfulness, Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life
§ Many More, Click Here

*Any Bachelor Degree

Computer (Program Specialist/Scientist/Developer Positions)

§ Data Scientist*, Recommended MOOC : Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science(DS)(MOOC/FREE), DS Orientation, Introduction to R/Python for DS, DS Essentials, Principles/Application of Machine Learning, Programming with R/Python, Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R Server, and Project (1.5 Million Jobs Available)
§ Cybersecurity Scientist, Recommended MOOC : IBM Professional Program in Cybersecurity (MOOC/FREE), Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Computer Forensics, Network Security, Cybersecurity Risk Management, Cybersecurity Capstone (2 Million Jobs Available)
§ Network Scientist, Recommended MOOC : Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization, Structuring Machine Learning Projects, Convolutional Neural Networks, Sequence Models
§ Data Analyst (Microsoft Azure) , Recommended MOOC : IBM Processing Big Data with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight, Implementing Real-Time Analytics with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight, and Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight
§ Virtual Reality Developer, Recommended MOOC : Computer Graphics, Creating Virtual Reality (VR) Apps, How Virtual Reality Works
§ Video Game Designer, Recommended MOOC : Video Game Asset Creation and Process, Gameplay Programming for Video Game Designers, Video Game Design History, Video Game Design and Balance, Video Game Design: Teamwork & Collaboration
§ Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform , Recommended MOOC : Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals, Leveraging Unstructured Data with Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform, Serverless Data Analysis with Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow, Serverless Machine Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform, Building Resilient Streaming Systems on Google Cloud Platform
§ Software Engineer for Requirements Engineering , Recommended MOOC : Requirements Gathering for Secure Software Development, Requirements Elicitation: Artifact and Stakeholder Analysis, Requirements Specifications: Goals and Conflict Analysis, Software Requirements Prioritization: Risk Analysis, SRS Documents: Requirements and Diagrammatic Notations
§ Android Developer , Recommended MOOC : Android Developer Capstone Project (Building a Successful Android App), Engineering Maintainable Android Apps
§ Cloud Computing , Recommended MOOC : Cloud Computing for Enterprises, Cloud Computing Management, Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Cloud Computing Security
§ GIS Analyst/Developer/Designer , Recommended MOOC : Fundamentals of GIS, GIS Data Formats, Design and Quality, Geospatial and Environmental Analysis, Imagery, Automation, and Applications, Geospatial Analysis Project
§ Java Developer , Recommended MOOC : Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software, Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data, Java Programming: Principles of Software Design, Java Programming: Build a Recommendation System
§ Web Developer, Recommended MOOC : HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals, Web App Development with the Power of Node.js, HTML5 Apps and Games, JavaScript Introduction
§ IT Specialist, Recommended MOOC : CompTIA A+, Ethical Hacking, ISC2 CISSP, CISM, Cisco CCNA, Phyton, MCSA, Project Management Professional, Computer and Hacking Forensics, CISA, CRISC and etc
§ IT Project Manager, Recommended MOOC : Strategic Applications of IT Project & Program Management, Portfolio Management & Governance, Leadership and Management for PM Practitioners in IT
§ Many More, Click Here

*Any Bachelor Degree

Industry (Skill Worker/Welders/Maintainer/Other )

§ Musicianship, Recommended MOOC : The Art of Music Production, Tensions, Harmonic Function, and Modal Interchange, Chord Charts, Diatonic Chords, and Minor Keys
§ Audio Engineering Technician, Recommended MOOC : Intro to Acoustics (Part 1 & 2), Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 & 2, Survey of Music Technology
§ Technical Writer, Recommended MOOC : Grant Writing and Crowdfunding for Public Libraries, How to Write a Novel: Writing the Draft, How to Write a Novel: Structure & Outline
§ Weld Analyst, Recommended MOOC : Welding and Joining Processes, Physical Metallurgy(MIT)
§ Welder, Recommended MOOC : Welding Fundamentals i, ii, iii (American Welding Scociety)
§ CNC Machine Operator, Recommended MOOC : Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
§ Many More, Click Here

Health Care (Medical Promoter/ Medical Assistant/ Clinical Assistant/ Dental Assistant)

§ BioChemist/Food Technologist, Recommended MOOC : Advanced Biobased Conversion, Biobased Principles and Opportunities, Circular Economy, Biobased Processes & Implementation, Biobased Sciences for Sustainability Capstone, Advanced Biorefinery
§ Health Care Designer, Recommended MOOC : Product Design, Design in Healthcare: Using Patient Journey Mapping
§ Nurse in Healthcare, Recommended MOOC : The Australian Healthcare Sector & The Emergency Department, Hospital Speciality Areas, Roles of Staff in the Acute Healthcare Sector, Roles of Medical and Allied Health Personnel and a closer look at Australia's Health
§ Antiretroviral Therapist, Recommended MOOC : Fighting HIV with Antiretroviral Therapy: Implementing the Treat-All Approach
§ Pediatric HIV Nurse, Recommended MOOC : Pediatric HIV Nursing
§ Antimicrobial Stewardship, Recommended MOOC : Managing Antibiotic Resistance
§ Many More, Click Here


§ Photographer , Recommended MOOC : Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization
§ Web Content Writer, Recommended MOOC : Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation Specialization
§ Professional Filming, Recommended MOOC : All the Professional Filming Techniques
§ Digital Marketer , Recommended MOOC : Digital Marketing Specialization
§ Financial Consultant , Recommended MOOC : Essentials of Corporate Finance Specialization
§ Social Media Marketer, Recommended MOOC : Social Media Marketing Specialization
§ Business Developer, Recommended MOOC : Entrepreneurship Specialization
§ Business Starter in China, Recommended MOOC : Doing Business in China Specialization