The Power of Self-Learning

           Self-learning is an art as it paves the way for everyone to gain wisdom in the field one concerns. Most genius are this sort of persons and such techniques can take anyone to great height, no doubt as history has its proves for! However, the students have to put their efforts to become a self-learned expert otherwise no point of giving the world class education. ADVAN-KT provides guidance for its students with contemporary and cutting edge new knowledge through the tuition-free schemes, for which the curriculum is freely provided by the top 100 universities* worldwide. We encourage all the research students to watch the following videos to understand the prestige of self-learning processes. There are a lot more on youtube for watch.

*Time Higher Education

Student's Testimonial

Amol is from India and he took his first course from edX. After continued with edX for 4 years, finally he has graduated with degree in computer science from MIT. Later, he joined the facebook and lead his life with world class job. All these successes were possible to him because of the edX, the Mass Open Online Courses - Provider.

How To Learn Anything

The Revolution of Self-Directed Learning

The Future of Learning