Online Thesis Writing Workshop for PhD in Yoga with Specific Majoring (OTWWPY) helps the Master Yoga Trainers to gain doctoral qualification while produce a book on Yoga for academic context. It is an ideal program, particularly for the Yoga Master Trainers around the world, to upgrade themselves as it is being conducted on one to one approach. Note: fee varies up on the university's selection because we have three universities in this program.

Are you concerned about how the digital age is impacting your well-being? Looking for ways to find balance? This course takes the ancient practice of yoga and translates it into modern day science with practical applications. In this module: you will learn how to practice yoga on the mat as well as in your everyday life using aspects of yoga that are immediately applicable to you. This program is ideal for beginner and its free, of course!

By signing up for this course, you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss yoga and meditation with people from across the world. Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to sign up with you!

Program Flow

           Advan-kt handles A to Z, from student registration to examination set up by using its staffs. However, the PhD viva voce exam will be conducted by a panel of members, having high standards in academy and association, around the world. Mostly the examination will be conducted via skype, an online medium. the final out come will be submitted to any of the three universities for award. At the moment, three universities are with us.

Application Procedure

           The normal procedure is that the candidates have to send an email to ADVAN-KT ( for the program; supported with a 'detailed-CV' which must contain the academic qualification as well as personal biodata. There is no application fee and the candidate will be notified about the decision in 5 days of time.