Connecting the Universities for Modern Educational Exchange

           Advan-kt Education Inc. USA has started the 'Advan-kt Consortium Universities' in 2020 and collaborating modern universities for the educational exchange. This collaboration is ideal for the universities whose visions fall on the Professional Doctorate, Joint PhD, PhD by Prior Publication, Double PhD by Prior Publication, Postdoctoral by Prior Publication, and Industrial Doctorate programs. In 2022, this network of universities have been renamed as Advan-kt Multiversity.

Advan-kt Education welcomes application from modern universities for the higher educational excellence (Application Form). The one-time registration fee is USD 125 while USD 1000 for five consecutive years membership. The Advan-kt Consortium Universities will recruit students for the above mentioned five programs and will share the students list among member universities. This will be done twice in a year and the universities can subsequently chose whom to consider for their higher educational programs. This will also reduce a single university's marketing cost significantly because we do the job while competitors are spending thousands for themselves. Besides, the applicants need not to pay USD 500 to every single application to establish a prima facie for their advance entry. Furthermore, if university 'A' confers a PhD for 5 ISI web of science journal publications, then this scale can be used to evaluate university 'B' for its PhD standards. By doing so, any university PhD can be regarded as world class thesis when standard is maintained. Advan-kt Consortium Universities has already established a set of guidance to equalize the PhD among universities and it works for 7 universities now.

For general enquiry, please write to Prof. Nachimani Charde through

Please note that we hide (closed) our University-members list (like the Web of Science) because the higher education candidates used to apply to both parties (Advan-kt Consortium Universities and the University Member) simultaneously for best bargaining and this will create communication confusions, apart from delay. As to avoid any confusion, we have closed this section with 7 university members, as of May 2022. We invite all the modern universities to join us for mutual benefit and we obligated to work for the universities who fund us. Also note that 'Advan-kt Consortium Universities' does not provide any accreditation to any of the programs because the university-members already have accredition for their programs, appropriately.


'Advan-kt Consortium Universities' wants to simplify the process of getting an advanced degree without adjusting the quality. This will pave ways for everyone to obtain higher academic qualification without hesitation while working in academia or in industry. Fundamentally, it is a marketing task but with additional duties to ensure that a smooth and fair process is held all the way.


Advan-kt promotes various sorts of advanced degree programs to the people and to the organizations around the world. It has started to collaborate with modern universities and some industries for the above mentioned five programs as it accepts membership application throughout the year.


Doctoral programs must be standardised globally to avoid anomalies. This issue can be solved over time, if researchers are encouraged to defend their PhD thesis with strong output. The output can be a complete system (like software) or a number of quality peer-reviewed publications (like ISI Web of Science Q1 ranked journals), or a number of commercial patents (like USA Patents). Researchers should be ready to follow the global standards (preferably American standards) where PhD degrees should be highly regarded as terminal qualification. Advan-kt Consortium Universities wishes to see qualified PhD holder with equal global standards in 2030. To achieve this, Universities should move from accreditation-based PhD to standards-based PhD.