Academic Recruitment

Document writers needed for 'research grant application'

Do you have experience in writing research grant application form to secure grant from any of the 52 funding agencies under web of science ?

We pay the document writers about 5-10% while the project approvers get 5-10% of the principal amount. For example: if the grant is USD 50k, then the writers share will be 2.5-5k USD per set of document. The applicant must have an accredited PhD, and at least one research grant from the cluster of web of science funders.

Industrial Recruitment

Professor of Practice (Medical Field) Needed

Are you a Professor of Practice in Medical Field for any University?

We need your expertise to examine the Industrial-PhD programs as we are paying on individual case basis. Thus : Every I-PhD thesis that you examine (Doc and PhD Viva Voce Examination), we will pay a max of USD 2000.

Internship for Beginner

MySQL developer needed

Do you have experience in developing MySQL based web contents ?

We are hiring a freelancer for the web based MySQL development. This opportunity can also be used for any college/university internship.

How to apply for ?

Send your CV through an email to