Free Education for Tamil Eelam Refugees

           Refugees are politically affected people around the world. They have nothing to own except sorrows and pains from losing everything. Political conflicts between the Sri Lanka government and Tamil Eelam Ideologist (LTTE) led to almost half million Tamil origin to become stateless people (refugees). Advan-kt offers zero fee programs for them under mass open online courses (MOOC) scheme. As to get conferred a diploma in specific field like Engineering / Computer Science / Secretaryship / Administration / Industrial / Dental Surgery Assistant / etc ; the applicant must submit his/her UNESCO refuge ID (scanned copy as pdf) with 12 MOOC certificates/progress reports. The 12 MOOCs must be in coherence with a simple project report or 12 MOOCs that support with a physical project as alternative. The candidate's reduced-fee (USD 600) will be paid by another donor, as to maintain the graduates database in addition to confer diploma award. Award will be sent to the refugee-candidate with donor's particular.

As to donote USD 600 for a tamil eelam refugee, please send it to through our Skrill and notify us at : .