PhD in Creative Arts

           The Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts is a doctoral level award and it is divided into two categories. Category A is modeled for international category while Category B is specialized only for Hinduism practitioner. However, as for both categories, the normal procedure is that the eligible candidates have to apply through our system, which is given here . The required documents are : i) a letter of intention that supported with downloadable MP3/MP4 files if any, ii) a detailed-CV and iii) photograph. Three members of the panel will evaluate the application, finalize and recommend it to the senate of Universities. However the final decision lies in the hand of Universities' senate. Fee is a must in this mode after the successful approval of universities. The PhD Viva Voce Exam is compulsory for this mode but skype presentation is acceptable to reduce the geographical barriers. The PhD in Creative Arts recipients database is linked here.

PhD Viva Voce Examination - Samples

Category A

          Category A is modeled to fulfill the dream of the fine art - people who have special talent in drawing, creating wonderful art, puzzle, visual art and etc; whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. It is right opposite to the applied art.

Fine Arts

Special Talents


Category B

           Category B is specifically designed to fulfill the dream of the Indian classical Dancers/Classical Singers/Musical Instrumentalist/Musical Percussionist/Vocalist and etc; such a way of getting recognized for their unique generation of knowledge (components/elements) in their fields. Musical composition in electronics format (MP3) for the Vocalists/Musicians and Audio-Video composition in electronics format (MP4) for the Dancers, normally be accepted for the evaluation.

Indian Classical Dance

Indian Classical Music

Theatrical Performances/Stage Drama

Computer Programs in Indian Languages

Indian Instrumentalists

Indian Marshal Arts

Yoga (Video Presentation)

Indian Ancient Games

Indian Vedic Science/Maths